Inofia spring core mattress pocket spring mattress

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Breathable 3D mesh structure Comfort cover according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100

The dark gray side cover not only gives you perfect grip on any surface, but also supports air circulation.


Inofia pocket spring mattress 160x200 spring core mattress H3 7-zones/Oeko-TEX® 100/3D mesh/knitted stretch fabric against mites/height 29 cm/100 nights sleep test/10 years

【7-zone Inofia pocket spring mattress 160x200】Ergonomic 7-zone pocket spring mattress with very good point elasticity thanks to the pocket spring core. The complexity improves pressure distribution and allows you to sleep comfortably in any sleeping position you can imagine.

【Inofia 24cm core height pocket spring core】5cm luxury multi-layer point elastic foam and 24cm pocket spring core support 7-zone body support system, guarantees optimal body adjustment and support. The pocket springs are sewn into fabric pockets, so even restless sleepers can sleep through the night without any problems.

【Supportive foam】Inofia's airy complexity improves pressure distribution and lets you sleep comfortably in any sleeping position you can imagine.

【Inofia quality and guarantee】It is compressed, vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box. We recommend everyone at least 3-4 weeks to test lie down before changing the mattress. 100 nights of sleep at home with a money-back guarantee. We give a 10-year guarantee Guarantee on the mattress core and professional customer service team.

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